60 Years A Nun

Just returned from Columbia, PA and the 60th jubilee celebration of my aunt, Sister Mary Clare Reineberg, a member of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. With my sister and twin brother, we gathered at St. Ann’s, the assisted living center perched in the Amish farmland. We walked roads bordered with corn as high […]

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Oprah Gave Me a Magazine

Well, maybe not the entire thing. I just found this picture. Sometime back, O Magazine had a promotion that let you substitute your face for hers. I got to create my own banners too. Fun, yes? I decided to share it. Never had so many puppies in my life. Raises the question: if your head […]

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People Don’t Resist Change

I’m getting ready to present a workshop on resiliency for yet another organization going through change. I’m thrilled to be able to help this specific department. At the same time, larger organization could use the wisdom supplied by my colleague, Chip Bell. In fact, whether you are a business of 3 or 33,000—Chip is spot […]

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Cry Me a River—the Resilient Power of Humor

Watching the news today. Joan River’s death is reported everywhere. #168005644 / gettyimages.com Flowers and candles hide her star on Hollywood’s famed sidewalk. Late night pundits, fellow comedians, and talk show hosts wax rhapsodic about her ability to poke sarcastic fun at herself as well as everyone else. Can we talk? Mean humor is not […]

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