Vacation for Your Vocation

Raise your hand: How many of you have NOT taken a vacation this year (a Friday off does not count)? If you raised your hand, you join 75% of Americans who fail to take all the paid vacation they are due each year. On behalf of career website Glassdoor, Harris Interactive took a poll of […]

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Service is a Contact Sport—But Often We Beat Up the Customer!

Call it a blind spot. Call it regimented thinking. Call it the-way-we’ve-always-done-it. But by any name, there are actions and practices happening within our businesses that unknowingly drive customers (and employees) away. You’ve been there. You too have had experiences that leave you baffled and furious. “Don’t they get it?” you mutter. In fact, I […]

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LOL-It Might Be Your BFF

NEWS FLASH: A good laugh may lift your spirits as much as meditation suggests new research presented at the Experimental Biology 2014 conference in San Diego. I knew it. Didn’t need a conference to convince me that laughter is not only the shortest distance between too people but also can lighten the load–even if for […]

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motivational speaker


My colleague and fellow Berrett Koehler author, Bill Treasurer, told me that his child came home one day and proudly announced he had been made a “leader”. Like all good parents, Bill sought to find out more. “So, what do you get to do as a leader?” asked Bill. “Leaders open doors.” replied his child. […]

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Amazon Leadership Best Sellers

In order to be a resilient leader you need to up your game and reading leadership books is one way you can do that.  If you are still working on your summer reading list add one or two or more of these books from the best selling leadership list. You’ll find oldie but goodies […]

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