The Law of Diminished Returns Kills Productivity, Profits, and Tragically – Sometimes People

In a recent Bloomberg article, “Vacation-Phobic Americans Donate a Million Years of Work Annually,” (June 30, 2014), writer Ben Steverman commented that the American workplace culture has developed into a mix of job insecurity and sincere workplace devotion which has led to about 429 million unused vacation days per year nationally, according to a 2014 […]

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I’m a New Mom—Kinda…

To my complete amazement, about one week ago, I discovered I was pregnant — pregnant with the possibility for the birth of a Monarch Butterfly. Here it was, hanging onto the lip of a fountain.  Another one hung under the ledge of our concrete wall.  The green color reflected the sky and the tiny gold […]

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Rande Davis Gedaliah Rides Again!

Rande Davis Gedaliah was the first friend I made at the National Speakers Association.  Rande is the very epitome of resiliency after breaking her back during a horse riding accident when she was 18  Thanks to Parkinson’s disease Rande has been wheelchair bound for some time. Rande recently met therapeutic horsemanship instructor Shanna Pandohie and […]

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Seattle University Wins A Student-Maybe

My first-born granddaughter will make her decision about what college to enter by May 1. She has offers from six. All good schools. All pretty much the same.  The school that will be the most resilient is the one that stands out. Ah, but Seattle University did something that warmed the cockles of ALL of […]

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Balance? Who Holds Your Hand

I am holding the hand of Max, my 16 year-old neighbor, a sweet surfer young man and academic scholar (not mutually exclusive). He gave me the excellent advice on how to buy and use a GoPro camera for my March Baja whale adventure. Alas, I failed to listen to his best advice about putting a […]

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