Recommended Books On Balance

Executricks, How to Retire While You’re Still Working by Stanley Bing

If you’re a reader of Fortune Magazine, you’ll know the in-your-face-funny-and-on-target writing style of this columnist. Stanley (not his real name) and I happened to be signing books together at the Book Expo in Los Angeles. You’ll find is hysterically funny and uncannily true about execs many of us have known.

Learned Optimism, How to Change Your Mind and Your Life by Martin Seligman, Ph.D., Pocket Books, 1998.

This is a classic and one that is timely in its need to be reread by all of us. Seligman, after years of clinical research, discovered that internal self-talk can be used to rise above pessimism. His easy-to-use techniques, self-tests, and practical examples are invaluable.

Get Inspired to Retire by David Saylor and Greg Heffington

Greg and I met on an airplane a number of years ago. He’s a vice president of Van Kampen Investments and a talented speaker on retirement and investment options. We hit it off immediately and have stayed in touch. Now I am thrilled to urge any one even thinking about retirement to get this book. It’s a marvelous collection of over 150 ideas and tools to help make the “retirement” phase of life one of personal meaning and value. Color photos throughout, too. Consider this a travel guide for the next part of your life.

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