40 Tips for Speaking Up

40 Tips for Speaking Up, Speaking Out and Being Heard

The 40 Tips For Speaking Up, Speaking Out, And Being Heard tip booklet was written for women in the workplace. If you are a woman who has felt unheard in the workplace then this 16 page tip booklet for you. Perhaps you’ve been in meetings where you make a point, only to have it ignored until someone else says the exact same thing and he is greeted with nods of approval.

You sit there feeling like chopped liver or the invisible human being. Far too many of us hunker down, keep quiet, and stay put because speaking up and out seems too difficult an assignment. And it is. Authors Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE and Dr. Eunice Parisi-Carew are professional speakers, trainers and consultants. They have put together their best tips for speaking out and being heard in the workplace.

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