Resilient Relationships: Plain Talk for Complex Times

Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh

At the end of the day, our very success hinges on relationships.

These relationships grow or die based on a skill too often we forget: CONVERSATION. How meaningful are yours?

The proliferation of cell phones and the glut of chat rooms show us what society yearns for: meaningful human connection, community, and the value of relationships.

The pace of change, the lure of dazzling technology, and the speed of life have created the opposite. The most human of all connections is conversation – an internal and external event that has become blurred. We’ve forgotten how to talk to each other – if in fact some of us ever knew. In many instances, we have never been taught how to listen. At the deepest level, we’ve probably never stopped long enough to even listen to ourselves.

And at times of crisis, these conversations become even more important. This presentation explores a model for understanding and growing the conversations we have with ourselves and with each other so that everyone becomes fully engaged in the work we are tasked to do. And you’ll also celebrate the power of humor to connect. Be prepared to think, laugh, and learn.

Watch Eileen talk about why e-mail and phone calls are a poor substitute for face to face meetings.

Phone Call and Email Challenges

Watch Eileen stress the importance of love and affection within a relationship. It’s little things like leaving an affectionate note for someone that can truly have a huge impact.

The Power of a Note