Resilient Relationships: Surviving and Thriving With Difficult People

Motivational Speaker Eileen McDarghWorkshop: 90 minutes to 3 hours

Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people! Would you like to turn from mad to glad with your colleagues and customers?

Eileen can show you how.

This session focuses on improving relationships at work through successfully dealing with people. Using humor and examples, Eileen will guide participants through the process of learning how to defuse anger in themselves and others. They will discover how to identify and understand problem behavior and how to use systematic methods for handling such behaviors.

Participants will also:

  • Understand techniques for “scripting” and creating rapport
  • Identify the behavior of difficult people and personal responses to such behaviors
  • Focus on effective responses to the hostile-aggressive trio
  • Discover the 4-step model for handling anger on and off the phone
  • Learn the difference between difficult people and people within a difficult situation
  • Identify self-management tools for developing rapport and maintaining inner calm and integrity under pressure

Please note: This session can also be interactive; including role-play, phone practice, etc.

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Difficult People Defined