The Resilient Energy Connection: How To Get It, Keep It, And Stop Giving It Away

Motivational Speaker Eileen McDarghKeynote 60-90 Minutes

At the end of the day, you too yearn for a way to let your spirit soar and your gifts shine. The competitive global 24/7 world of heart-stopping competition puts personal energy at risk. We too yearn to connect with new possibilities for people, productivity, profitability and purpose.

This keynote is based on the premise that transforming our work requires nothing less than transforming ourselves and together we take a look at four inner skills essential for coaching ourselves along this journey. Our own “work in progress” becomes the touchstone for connecting at a deeper level with our work mates and our soul mates. As we ease on down this road, we find our wisdom, ah-ha moments and greatest learnings through the context of our lives. This wisdom becomes deeper if it is forged in a furnace fueled with mind, heart and spirit.

You’ll never think of energy in the same way again. Forget OPEC and prices at the pump. Discover your own reservoir of power and purpose with five tools to drill down into your own internal well of possibilities. Human energy is a priceless commodity. Learn a new formula for E=MC 2 . When it comes to energy and the capacity to do work, discover how to get it, renew it and stop giving it away.

Books that support the focus on THE ENERGY CONNECTION:

My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went

At the end of the day – it’s all about ENERGY: YOUR energy. Consider this your pint-sized atomic recharger. And it’s small because you don’t have the time (or energy) to read through pages and pages.

The Resilient Spirit

Staying rightside up in a world that’s upside down. –the mental connections that give us options, actions, and most importantly, hope.

Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live

Balance is baloney. Designing our life is all about how we are connected to the most important things in our life and what decisions we make that either give energy or deplete it.

Talk Ain’t Cheap. It’s Priceless—Connecting in a Disconnected World

Communication practices to help leaders at all levels connect on the most human of playing fields: conversation. Without that connection, there is no energy of engagement.

Gifts from the Mountain—Simple Truths for Life’s Complexities

We yearn to find simple ways of showing up in work and life that sustain, renew, and recharge our energy. Wisdom is around us for the seeker. This book provides a window for small shifts that can bring larger rewards.

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