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Podcasts & Interviews

Global burnout is at an all-time high. Certainly the added pressure of remote work and the uncertainty of Covid-19 adds to it. However, there are steps leaders can take to minimize the flames. Ellie Nieves interviews Eileen McDargh, the CEO of the Resiliency Group, on how to go from burnout to breakthrough.

The Authors Read Podcast invited Eileen to read from “Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters.”

Libby Gill of Libby's Leadership Lab speaks with Eileen McDargh about resilience and why it may not be exactly what you think it is.

S. Max Brown interviewed Eileen for his podcast Purpose & Principles on the topic of Burnout to Breakthrough based on her new book.

Anne-Louise Harbutt interviewed Eileen on her Intuitive Leaders Podcast. They discussed How to Rebuild and Strengthen your Resilience Muscle.

Belinda Ellsworth interviewed Eileen on her podcast Work From Your Happy Place.  Eileen discussed her journey as an author and speaker and what she is working on now.

Eileen was interviewed by Erika del Pozo for the Joy Energy Time Podcast.  Join them as they discuss building resiliency.

Lucy Liu interviewed Eileen on her podcast and we discussed burnout and my new book “Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters”.

Burnout Out To Lift Up podcast interviewed Eileen and they discussed a deep dive into the topic of burnout.

CJ McClanahan interviewed Eileen about burnout on the Success 2.0 Podcast.

Maria Franzoni interviewed Eileen about Radical Resilience for the Speaking Business Podcast.

The Dave Pamah Show interviewed Eileen about “Beating pandemic burnout—and reclaiming your life”.

Deliberate Leaders interviewed Eileen about "From Burnout to BREAKTHROUGH".

The People Catalysts enjoyed interviewing Eileen about burnout so much that they did it twice!  This is part 1.

Part 2 of The People Catalysts interview with Eileen is here!

On the Leadership Without Losing Your Soul podcast David Dye  and Eileen discussed tools to identify and overcome the main causes of burnout.

Eileen was interviewed by Brodie Welch, L.A.c. on “A Healthy Curiosity” podcast.

The 15-Minute Podcast interviewed Eileen about mapping resilience.

The Love, Happiness, and Success Podcast interviewed Eileen about Burnout Prevention + Burnout Recovery

Eileen is interviewed about mastering resilience by the Deliberate Leaders podcast.

Well, Hello Leader! Interviewed Eileen about her new book and all you want to know about burnout!

Phil Gerbyshak had a conversation with Eileen McDargh about how sales professionals can move from burnout to breakthrough and get control of their world back TODAY.

SalesPOP! interviewed Eileen about the challenges of the crisis we are in and ways to overcome them.

Dr. Russell Thackeray talks to Eileen McDargh about resilience and burnout and how she originally became interested in resilience.

Azzy Aslam interviewed Eileen on the Changing Habits - Changing Lives about building resiliency.  


Eileen was interviewed by Dr. Michelle Pizer about her new book.

Eileen was interviewed by the Thrive & Prosper Series: Psychology of Change.

Juicy Life Leader Interviewed Eileen.

Haseena Patel Interviewed Eileen.

Listen to Eileen explain why she's still happy.

Siteman Resiliency Symposium Interviewed Eileen.

The Business Power Hour® with Deb Krier interviewed Eileen.

The Daily Duncan interviewed Eileen.

Global DMC Partners Interviewed Eileen.

Eileen participated in the virtual conference Hotelier's Meet.

Caregiver Heroes Interviewed Eileen.

Business Access interviewed Eileen on their podcast.

Fit For Joy interviewed Eileen on their podcast.

Eileen chats with Becky Robinson on The Daily Connection about these tough times. 

Mastering Resilience with Eileen McDargh
Deliberate Leaders Podcast with Allison Dunn

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Read My Lips interviewed Eileen about "Need To Be More Resilient? Eileen McDargh to the Rescue!". 

Mastering Resilience with Eileen McDargh
Deliberate Leaders Podcast with Allison Dunn

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Tea & Empathy podcast with Elisa Hays interviewed Eileen.

Global Gurus shared this interview about communication and resiliency during this difficult time.

TalentTalk interviews Eileen and Lynn Schmidt on the importance of resilient leaders.

Sales POP! Expert Insights interviewed Eileen on video.

HR Leaders podcast featured Eileen talking on the topic of “Resiliency is NOT about pain. It's about Possibility”.

Eileen was interviewed on the Entre Architect on the topic of How to be Resilient in Times of Change

Sales Expert Insights Series with Eileen McDargh.

Workplace Wellbeing Essentials interview with Mari Ryan. 

Radical Resiliency: An Interview with Eileen McDargh by Jesse Lyn Stoner. 

Web-cast Thought-Leader interview: What IS a Thought Leader? 

Up close and personal—Let's talk. Questions I am asked... 

TV Talk Show On The Value of Communication.

Critical Mass Radio Show:  Radical Resiliency

Creating A World That Works For All Podcast with Stacy Hall.  

Inspired Interview:  Eileen McDargh

Eileen McDargh joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to offer tips on growing through life and work. 

Eileen's New Book!


Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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Articles/Book Reviews

Thrive Global has published Eileen's article "Coping During a Pandemic".

Eileen’s article “It’s a growth journey:  cultivating emotional resilience is a leader’s number one job in these disruptive times” was published by Kivo Daily.

Indian Mgmt Magazine features Eileen’s article “It’s a growth journey:  cultivating emotional resilience is a leader’s number one job in these disruptive times”.

Clay Burton of Independent Music and Arts, Inc. reviewed “Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters”.

CareerBright features Eileen’s article “The Power of Boundary Setting”.

Eileen was interviewed by  Barjunaid Cadir on Movers and Shakes on Kivo Daily.

Ms. Career Girl published Eileen’s article “Forget Balance. You Need A Work-Life Breakthrough”.

Kendall Townsend of The Hollywood Digest reviewed Eileen’s book “Burnout to Breakthrough”.

MultiBriefs featured Eileen’s article “5 real-world triggers that lead to burnout (and what you can do about them).“

Investor’s Business Daily interviewed Eileen for the article “Turn Your Mistakes Into The Best Things That Ever Happened”.

Happiness Series Featured Eileen's article "Coping During a Pandemic".

Young Upstarts published Eileen’s article “Still Working From Home? Try These 4 Burnout Busters".

Jan Verhoeff reviewed the new book “Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters” by Eileen.

Chip Bell featured the article “Customer Service: A Path to Burnout or Breakthrough” by Eileen on his blog.

RealLeaders features “5 Real-Word Triggers That Lead to Burnout (and What You Can Do About It)” by Eileen.

CEOWORLD MAGAZINE features “Coping During COVID: How to Train Your Brain for Resiliency” by Eileen.

Publishers Weekly reviewed "Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters"!

LeadershipFreak published an interview with me and has a book giveaway for their audience.

My publisher Berrett-Koehler published my article “Five Ways Leaders Tackle Employee Burnout“.

Read my article in SmartBrief "How to turn disaster into discovery -- a key to resiliency".

Authority Magazine interviews EIleen.

Thrive Global features articles by Eileen.

Lead Change Group features exclusive articles by Eileen.

HotelExecutive features Eileen's articles.


How Do You Cope When Your Child Commits Suicide? Our Story. 

Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival includes Eileen and other experts.

TalentQ interviewed Eileen, DeeDee DeMan and Beverly Kaye.

Expert Interview Series by Matt Walker interviews Eileen. 

She Distinction Interview with Eileen McDargh

John Mattone interviewed Eileen about the importance of resiliency in leaders.

Military Ball Honors All Veterans and Active Duty Members

Giant Leap Consulting published Eileen's article" Leaders Open Doors for MORE than Just the Top Performers"

Thrive Global published Eileen's new article "Resilience Is NOT What You Think It Is"

DataBird features Eileen in the 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs 

Eileen is the featured author in Hotel Executive

Retention & Recruitment: Lessons from Your Guests

Investor's Business Daily - 9 Steps Back From Failure To Greater Success.

The CEO Refresher offers a variety of articles by Eileen.

How To Foster Resiliency

Expert Interview Series: Eileen McDargh on the Importance of Resiliency in Leaders.

The Legacy Project Interview with Eileen McDargh


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