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Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh's Testimonials


Eileen it was wonderful to see how you connected with the audience and the panelists and brought them out to dance…so to speak. Merry, Sara and Diana, the audience was able to connect to you through your stories, relate that information to their own situations and think about how they could advance their own Lead-her-ship styles."


"Eileen McDargh: A Difference-Maker

Few speakers have the ability to reach into the souls of an audience and favorably impact their thinking, their commitment, and their quest for improvement. Eileen McDargh has that gift. Upon engagement, she will study and know your organization – its culture, its goals, its opportunities. And when she speaks, she has a mesmerizing effect, blending humor, passion and information that make personal lives and professional performance better. Our associates catch her enthusiasm, her drive, and her will to win, and it shows."


"Eileen’s resiliency model, her colorful and poignant stories and insights and tips were so well received by our 1,300 member leadership team. And her time with us will help our leadership team be even stronger. She is an energetic positive force who knows how to make an audience listen, and learn. I would recommend Eileen to any organization that is interested in straightforward, meaningful ways to face and even thrive in a changing environment."


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Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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Resiliency Keynote Speaker Eileen McDargh

"Awesome. Dynamic. Memorable. Impactful. Strategic. Energetic. Passionate..

I could go on and on to describe the motivational speeches and workshops by Eileen McDargh.

Eileen has the extraordinary skill of delivering key messages that are tailored to meet the unique needs of her audience…She does this through truly getting to know the organization and the audience well in advance and intense preparation to understand the objectives of her clients. I was impressed by how she weaves in references specific to the client audience in her speeches that make the audience really feel she knows and understands their needs.

Eileen’s key note speech themes are current, provocative and agile to help small and major businesses manage organization changes, understand dynamics of industry business challenges and develop better people management skills. She is a dynamic key note speaker and I have seen her first hand in front of small groups of 50 -100 as well as larger 500+ audience where she holds the attention of everyone in the room. That is no easy task in this current multi-device need-it-now culture!

At our organization we were so impressed with Eileen’s key note speech, we invited her back to develop and tailor smaller workshops for our individual business units and employee relations groups to help us effectively integrate and manage people through organizational matrix and break down vertically-managed businesses.

Eileen McDargh is a partner that an organization or group should utilize beyond her dynamic and effective key note speeches- she can be a partner to help in people development and foster organizational effectiveness and growth."


"You did a fabulous job of inspiring us to think about life integration at TPI’s global conference in Vancouver last week. Not exactly an easy task on a Saturday morning with a group that has partied the night before but your message was so aligned with our needs that the audience was with you through the morning. Your preparation was thorough; you talked to a significant number of key people throughout the firm to get a good cross section of our company and you nailed exactly what we were looking for. Using Ron on stage was a real stoke of genius.

You have very high energy and innovative approaches to creating a vision of life integration. For me the sailing metaphor really resonated. Others mentioned to me that they found your message “inspiring”. There was something for everyone to take away that was meaningful. We just had our conference debrief this morning. All the executives involved in conference planning were raving about what a wonderful message you delivered with such energy and sincerity.

We will definitely think of you for events of this type in the future."


"You were a total hit yesterday! Thanks for your great spirit and energy and message – many people have commented to me today that we need more inspiration daily like you provided!"


"We were very excited that Eileen McDargh was available to speak at our all-employee meeting. From start to finish, she was full of energy and delivered just the right message and then some -- and with such candor, compassion and a sense of humor. Eileen has a way of making you feel like she’s known you all of your life. The event was a huge success! Eileen made a real connection with our group and her messages have continued to resonate around the office. I believe her core concepts and strategies will be revisited and refreshed for the long-term by our employees as important life tools. We would definitely recommend Eileen to other groups for speaking and consulting engagements."


"I was struck by the veracity of your words at the WLA conference and that they resonated with my experience. I felt that you know from your core what resiliency is, and have also studied it, rather than the reverse.

I purchased The Resilient Spirit because of the combination of artwork, short sayings and a longer section. It's something to dive into without a major commitment, and a brief reminder, when I need it. While it presents a positive point of view, there's no panacea or indication that it's all easy. Even when I don't exactly agree with what's on a particular page, I can see your truth shining through. I can respect that, there's authenticity in each section."


"It was a pleasure working with you and having you at the ACCCA conference. We received great verbal feedback on your presentation and look forward to seeing the results of the online survey to attendees. Your passion and energy level are both contagious and enviable!"


"Dear Eileen, just a short thank you note from me. I always learn something from our interaction and this week was very special. I have had a lot of introspection during and after the meeting and the trip triggered many thoughts on how I could improve myself not only as a leader but as a person and also my team. Thanks for your warmth, and engaging personality but also for bringing an authenticity to leadership coaching that is unique."


"I want to thank you again for making Assistance League(R) National Conference such a great success. What outstanding presentations! You left our attendees energized, excited and with a fresh perspective for looking at their life and volunteer work. The information you provided was practical, thought provoking, and immediately useful-just what we were hoping for!

The attendee's evaluations rated both of your presentations as excellent and included overwhelmingly positive written comments. One knows that the speaker is a success when one reads comments such as "Eileen McDargh is a perfect fit for Assistance League. She inspires just teh spirit we need to encourage in our members and in our leaders." "What a spark plug!" "Eileen alone was worth the trip." You successfully engaged the audience and inspired all.

I appreciate the time and effort you put forth toward personalizing the sessions to our organization and for your prompt responses to all my queries. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I thank you for your professionalism and your ability to challenge our volunteers. We will certainly recommend your presentation to others and look forward to working with you again the the future. Again, many thanks."


"It was great to renew our friendship again at the recent Canadian Payroll Associations Annual Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, Canada. When your name was mentioned as a possible keynote speaker my first thought was that we must have this wonderful woman speak to our delegates. I fondly remembered our first meeting in San Francisco where you were able to help Brenda and me with your positive outlook on life. After the conference we were looking forward to seeing you again but time did not allow for it. Both of us were saddened by this but there will be another time


Your enthusiasm and energy, which I described to our Board of Directors and Conference Committee as rivaling a football team, is absolutely amazing. You are able to transfer your positive energy to the audience and have them ready to conquer the world by the end of your presentation.


In Vancouver I had the pleasure to be your personal host for one of out conference events and was awed by your ability to quickly access our group and become one of us payroll people in a matter of minutes. You read the pulse of the group and were able to communicate and speak our language as only a payroll professional can do...What impressed me that night and will stay with me for as long as I live was your ability to connect with people on a personal basis. The young lady who tragically lost her husband two years spoke to me later in the week about the bond the two of you developed that evening on the boat cruise and how she will never forget the way in which you encouraged her to tackle life and move forward with her own life. The look in your eyes when you spoke to me about your conversation with her showed compassion and a genuine care for others that lives inside of you.


I have had the good fortune to attend conferences in many different countries around the world and rank you with the best of your profession. Your honesty and ability to connect with a group combined with your true love of life are inspirational to those lucky enough to hear you speak. You have that rare gift to be able to influence the way people behave and look at life.


I look forward to the next opportunity to meet and reconnect with you. Whenever I receive a conference brochure I immediately look at the program to see if you will be one of the featured speakers.

Eileen, I consider you a friend for life and wish that I could have half the energy and ability to change the world that you do. You are an inspiration and a truly amazing human being."


"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Eileen McDargh.

As a keynote speaker for the annual Fusion conference, with over 1,700 in attendance, Eileen was a dynamic speaker who inspired and encouraged the attendees from the The Institute of Financial Operations with an energetic speech on time management, personal enrichment, and taking control of technology. Her highly personalized keynote, sprinkled with details about the people she had met at the conference and interactions she had observed, received a standing ovation.

In her keynote address, Eileen stated that it's all about the choices we made and that we should replace 'have to' with 'choose' and see how it changes our outlook. She also said that all leadership starts from the inside out and you have to have energy to live and lead. She urged the audience to scope out things that suck up their time, encouraging each member of The Institute to become a "push-back zealot" instead of just blindly accepting work assignments or other instructions that don't immediately make sense.

Based upon the feedback from the attendees and my first hand experience I would highly recommend Eileen as a speaker for your organization."


"Your dynamic, thought-provoking presentation really prompted us to reassess our thinking, and more importantly, our acting. Not only did you touch on our problems head-on, you also gave us down-to-earth, important ways to make our lives better, less stressful, and self-directed. The participant evaluations for your presentation were outstanding. Everyone loved you and rightly so; you gave us a sense of direction!"


"Of course the personal comment section often tells a better story than our statistics. Personal comments: “Great meeting! My first WIN meeting. I was extremely impressed! The speaker was so excellent I bought her book!”, “Looking forward to spending more time with the workbook”, “Very informative. Great speaker!”, “Speaker and topic were wonderful. Well worth the time.” Our committee was impressed with your organization and the work prior to the event which contributed to its success."


"What a pleasure it was to meet you last week! You are really a delight and an inspiration. Everyone really enjoyed your seminar “Staying Rightside Up When the World is Upside Down.” They are still talking about it. It was exactly what everyone needed to hear. It was one of the most interesting seminars I’ve ever heard. Your creative ways of using cartoons, examples and quotes made this an excellent presentation!"


"When planning for the conference, I felt your presentation would be necessary to generate energy, spark, interest, and be fun. I am happy to say you were successful on all three points. Rather than paraphrasing the comments provided by the attendees on your presentation, I have decided to provide representative samples of a few attendees’ comments. “Dynamic, motivational delivery. On of the best I have ever heard. Enormous energy.” “Energetic, dynamic, effective! Eileen was a breath of fresh air. She involved the audience better than any HR presenter I’ve seen over the years. She was very impressionable and she gave us excellent info that I hope we’ll all use.” I deeply appreciate the planning you obviously undertook to deliver such a powerful and enjoyable presentation.""


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