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Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh's Testimonials


"There are speakers who run in and deliver. There are speakers who say "customize" and then do little of that. You delivered a message that just plain exceeded our expectations. I appreciate that you actually took the time to learn our language, arrived early, paid attention to what the other keynote speakers said and wove it into your speech, picking up on the key themes. This makes you a rare breed."


"Thank you for speaking at our Tuesday luncheon during the Ingenix Health Care Information Summit in San Diego! Your topic and your knowledge of our audience made you an immediate hit with our group. One of our senior vice presidents came up to me after your presentation and said, “Eileen really understands the diverse audience we have here. You can certainly tell that she did her homework.” Your talk on the “Mastery Model” is so appropriate for those in health care and technology jobs. You have given us a great foundation on which to build our success."


On behalf of The Canadian Payroll Association and the Conference delegates, please accept my sincerest thanks for your contribution to the success of our Conference in Vancouver. Your presentation on "Work for a Living but Still Be Free to Live" was so meaningful for so many of our delegates who feel the stress and pressure of being outstanding employees, managers, parents, daughters or sons, friends etc—all at the same time.


Among other things, your thoughtful stories and lessons sent us all away with the resolve to spend more time on the things that truly matter in life—and less time fretting about the things we can't control. Judging from the number of books you sold after your presentation, your words really hit home for so many people!. I have to tell you what a true pleasure it was to work with you in the planning stages of our conference. You were so flexible and accommodating and dare I say it—so darn to work with. Thank you for making my job so much more pleasant!"


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Written by award-winning motivational speaker and executive coach Eileen McDargh presents an ingenious new way of analyzing burnout and shows how to develop four critical skills for building effective resilience. 

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Resiliency Keynote Speaker Eileen McDargh

Eileen really connected with our group of executives. She did three consecutive sessions that grew in attendance each time and quickly became the talk of the national conference. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!"


It was our pleasure meeting you. You are a bouquet of Red Roses to everyone you touch. Thanks for your very well thought out presentation to our car wash family and for becoming our friend."


The way you energized and captivated our audience at our Global Payroll Management Conference in San Francisco was magical! From the moment you made your spectacular and surprising entrance, and throughout your often hilarious, yet compelling presentation, you held us in the palm of your hand."


Resiliency Keynote Speaker Eileen McDargh

"It was a pleasure having you as a keynote speaker at our recent Consumer Operations Leadership Summit. Your speech was fabulous. Your exuberant speaking style captivated the audience while your keynote was truly inspired.""


"As one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the U.S., we're pretty darn picky. Our folks have heard it all over the past 26 years! You not only caught our language—you captured our spirit and our essence. You gave us ALL something new to help us grow our businesses, help our lives, and be better stewards of our time and talent in the bargain. You had us laughing, crying and learning. Thanks so much! We’ll see you again!"


"You did an outstanding job and we are very pleased with how the entire event went. You were very fun and engaging with both audiences. You did a great job adapting to information on-site. You were a great highlight for General Session. We heard a lot of feedback from people reciting some of your tips and ideas along the way. We continue to reflect on those things in leader calls and our field communication."


Resiliency Keynote Speaker Eileen McDargh

"I attended your session this weekend and just wanted to say…THANK YOU!!!! You are a truly incredible, motivational speaker!!!! I am thankful for being able to attend and have come away from the weekend with infinite information and the belief that I can truly build my business!! You were incredible! Your comments about leaving a legacy really impressed me. I am continually amazed that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. Thanks for teaching me this weekend."


"If meeting planners want to look great, all they have to do is hire you. I am so glad to have discovered you, and even more thrilled to bring your life-changing message, talents, and motivation into other lives. You are phenomenal!"


"Thank you for participating in our combined Region 4&6 and Region 2 Educational Conferences. Your excellent presentations contributed to the success of these programs. ALA, and I personally, have worked with you for many years. It is always a pleasure. I know everything will go smoothly when you're in charge. And, most importantly, you will deliver an excellent presentation for our membership. Your session evaluations are consistently among our highest scores. Eileen, your energy and enthusiasm makes working with you a job. Thank you."


Resiliency Keynote Speaker Eileen McDargh

"Words cannot express how excited I am about being President of the Southwest & Pacific Chapter of PCMA since your facilitation of our board retreat. I am now working with a board of enthusiastic, motivated, caring, dedicated people that I do not believe I had before the retreat. Many questioned why I needed a facilitator before the retreat. None question that rationale now. I personally have learned a lot about working within the style of each member, which I would never, had known without the exercises you facilitated. We are also on the path to setting and achieving our goals. Every time I have heard or worked with you either as a facilitator or keynoter I have been more and more impressed. You are certainly like wine improving all the time."


"While we did as much homework on your background and style as we could, one never knows if the advertising is all hype or actual fact. If you choose to use any of my remarks for publicity, those readers need to know that you delivered more than what I expected. We will have bottom line results in employee retention & recruitment as an outcome of our work with you."


At a kick-off meeting to merge the New England/New York Women's Group with the Mid-Atlantic Group, one of the great things Eileen did for us was to help the group understand that our issues are the same. She struck a real chord with me in her discussion regarding balancing work and family life. She talked about letting go of the rocks - elements in our lives that drag us down but we feel compelled to continue on with these rocks I have kept a picture of the rock on my desk over the past 8 months to remind myself to make different personal choice and to let go of the stuff that does not contribute to my overall personal life mission."


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