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3 Tips to Make Your Business More Efficient

3 Tips to Make Your Business More Efficient

What's the correlation between efficiency and resiliency: ENERGY. The more time that is spent in wasted energy, the more you depleted you and your team become. In a conversation with Greg Knowles, the CEO/President of ATI Electrical, he shared with me that small problems can create big barriers for business. Countless companies face them every day. Even worse, most don’t realize just how distracting, time consuming and destructive these problems can be.

Do any of these “little” problems ring true for your business?

Things are chaotic, because there’s no single plan or guide for operations.You and your team can’t focus your energy on growing the business, because you’re bogged down with everyday tasks.Your schedule is disorganized, and double-bookings and last-minute cancellations are common.

The good news is, these issues are often simple to resolve ― and doing so can pay off big for your company.

1. Think Like a Project Manager

If your workplace is a chaotic one, it could be because your firm doesn’t manage projects effectively.

Consider implementing a simple project management system. Find a software program and get trained on it. It will allow you to create project plans and schedules that take into account problems and issues you could face on every job. It will help you feel more confident in your ability to deliver on your promises to your clients.

While you’re at it, have the members of your team get trained on basic project management skills. This provides structure, and helps the entire organization share a common vision.

2. Streamline Your Time

Do you still manage your company’s schedule using paper, a spreadsheet or the calendar on your smart phone, tablet or computer? This could be causing unnecessary problems for you and your business.

It may be time for you to look into business scheduling software. The right solution can:

Show all of the appointments booked with all of your team members any place, any time on your phone or other electronic device.Manage appointments so you can manage your team’s time more efficiently.Prevent time from being booked over days off.Let your customers and clients book appointments online through your website.Notify you and your team when scheduling changes occur.

Most scheduling solutions can integrate with other software your company is already using. Check out a few of the options available at Top Ten Reviews.

3. Optimize Your Space

Based on Pareto’s rule, if your business is like most, you probably use 20% of your supplies or equipment 80% of the time, and 80% of them only 20% of the time.

Why not organize your warehouse, supply room or office so regularly-used supplies and equipment are grouped in an accessible, highly efficient space? It can save time and money not having to rifle through things you don’t use in order to get to the ones you do.

Remember, the most important renewable energy course is HUMAN energy. Here’s hoping these tips help.

PS: If you want more in-depth help, contact Productive Environment Since 1978, Barbara Hemphill has helped thousands of individuals can companies eliminate clutter and chaos.

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