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A Clue for Balance: PATIENCE, NOW!!!!!!

Updated: Jan 21

Ocean Beach Rock Balancing

I admit it: I am a jackrabbit. I like to hop to it and get things done. Give me a project and I'll start immediately just so I can get it off my to-do list. The problem is, sometimes in my haste I make mistakes. I admit that I have no tolerance for voicemail doom loops. I have been known to bang a phone against the desk and scream, "Give me a real person!" (Surprise, it doesn't work).

I went through some surgery in the past and even though they told me it would be four weeks before I could exercise, that was not good enough for me. I gritted my teeth and impatiently started back before I was supposed to. I found myself gasping for breath and wondering where my muscles went. Too fast, too much, too soon.

Here is a startling discovery: Impatient people are prone to obesity, according to a study at the University of Munich in Germany and the University of Michigan at Dearborn. Impatient types are also shown to have a high risk for hypertension later in life. To add insult to injury psychologists at the University of Bonn in Germany discovered that with a simple test of patience, those who put off doing something seemed to have higher IQs than the get-it-done-now group. Oh, brother, I'm in trouble. Experts have described this kind of behavior as time-urgency impatience, or TUI.

So, is this a behavioral flaw? A personality trait? Answer: it's not a flaw but it is behavior that has no genetic bearing. It can be altered.

  1. Explore why waiting makes you uncomfortable. Sometimes it is our ego that demands everything happen right away. Impatience comes from living in a 24/7 chaotic world. And it is caused by trying to control things over which we have no control.

  2. Manage expectations. What can you reasonably expect? Remember that my needs are not the most important things in the universe.

  3. Go with the flow. While this sounds like something from the marijuana smoke filled days of the 60s, it is also quite true. Learning to let go, and to stay in the present moment, can be helped through deep breathing and even reciting a phrase over and over again much like a mantra. Even though sometimes that phrase is "I'm going to kill that voicemail."

  4. Remember to laugh. It can be actually quite humorous to watch customers compete for the shortest line at the cashier counter.

I actually owed my downtime a note of gratitude. Because I couldn't exercise, I rediscovered the wonder of easily walking along the beach. Because I couldn't hop on the computer, I discovered that e-mail still waits and what had seemed so urgent is relegated to the trash.

I'm reminded that flowers are forced to bloom before their time dies faster. So, I'm working on changing my time-urgency impatience (TUI) into PUI patience intelligence.

This takes patience.  I’ve watched the man who works to build rock art on many occasions. He spends hours getting the rocks to balance.  The rocks stay this way until a high tide knocks them over.  He starts again.

To think that I am often quoted as saying “Balance is Baloney!”

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