Aging Parents: Potential Energy Drain?

Baby boomers face a growing reality: the need to care for both children as well as aging parents. A recent survey for 128 CEOs around the country showed that 48.8% have been or are currently a primary caregiver for an aging parent. Such activities can have a moderate to severe impact on the ability to run personal and professional lives. Some tips:

  • Stop trying to do it all by yourself.

  • Identify all resources in your area and use them.

  • Develop a support network of people who know the situation and can help.

  • Consider joining a caregiver support group. The nonprofit Children of Aging Parents (CAPS) maintains a list of various support meetings throughout the country. Call 800-227-7294

  • Schedule regular time off to rest and recuperate.

  • Differentiate between realistic and unrealistic demands. Know what you can do and let the rest go.

  • Say thank you for the gift of life your parents gave you. Now it is our turn.


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