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Book Excerpt: Some Roadblocks that Can Get You Stuck

The Journey Begins when Luggage is Lost

If you are like the majority of humans (myself included), you might have looked at the answers you wrote to the aforementioned Recalculating Questions and proceeded to tell yourself things like:

  • There’s no way this will work.

  • So-and-so will be against it.

  • It costs too much money.

  • There’s not enough time.It really isn’t THAT broken.

  • I don’t have the skill.

  • Why bother? Things will change again—sometime.

  • I’m just destined for a hard life.

  • I’ve never done this before.

  • Bad things come in threes—there’s more around the bend.

You know the drill. Our monkey mind just chatters away, producing what researchers say is approximately 60,000 thoughts per day!It’s that internal, infernal chatter that can so easy to build up a resistance wall. Amazingly, scientists also tell us that 95% of those thoughts are the same as yesterday! How many times have you found yourself ruminating over an issue—thoughts that play in circular fashion across your mind—particularly when you are trying to sleep?

Here’s the kicker: 80% of those thoughts are negative!

Now before you jump off a cliff in despair, consider this—it makes sense that our primitive brain would always be looking out for what could go wrong: wild animals, natural disaster, an enemy. Additionally we are THE ONLY species on the planet capable of projecting negative thoughts on a current or future event.No rosebush opened up and thought, Darn, it’s raining. I’m going to get mildew.No dog ran up to its master thinking, I sure hope he pets me because I have had a really bad day! No Monarch butterfly shed its cocoon thinking, I only have two weeks to live!

No wonder resiliency is hard work. We need help filling the black hole of negativity.

This excerpt is from Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing through Life and Work. If you’d like your own copy or one for a friend or colleague visit our website here. If you purchase 250 books Eileen will conduct a free 30-minute webinar for your audience! To take advantage of this offer please call our office at 949-496-8640.

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