Book Reviews: How Much Do You Care?

Going Deep-Exploring Spirituality in Life and Leadership by Ian Percy Finally, this book which I treasure has a publisher in the U.S. I recommended it before. I do it again. Going Deep, offers a thought-provoking exploration of how we create meaning and soul in our workplaces. I was privileged to review a pre-press manuscript. Highlighter in hand, I found myself circling thoughts on many pages, laughing, pondering, nodding and relishing the most sensitive yet practical leadership I’ve read in years. Through Ian, a provocative international consultant and facilitator, you’ll get first-hand insight into what happens when individuals move through “the great shuddering” into an engagement with life through work. This is another one of those books you owe to yourself and to the people you care about. Good Company-Caring as Fiercely as You Compete by Hal Rosenbluth I loved Rosenbluth’s first book The Customer Comes Second. This new book has equal impact. Read it and you will be exposed to practical business advice from the workplace ecology of all manner of organizations. You’ll learn dozens of best practices from a number of the nation’s preeminent employers. You’ll also see how an organization can be lean but NOT mean.


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