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Leadership When the Heat’s On by Danny Cox This is the revised and updated version by Danny Cox. I loved the first one. He’s outdone himself with this one. From the Foreword written by 103 year-old Ellie Newton to the intense content, this book is a winner from start to finish. Learning Journeys-Top Management Experts Share Hard-Earned Lessons on Becoming Great Mentors and Leader by Marshall Goldsmith Once again, my dear colleague and friend Dr. Beverly Kaye has done it: She, along with her co-editors, have captured the seminal moments in which our colleagues recognized both doubt, fear and the “ah-hah” moment. As only Bev can do, she ends each individual account with a provocative, reflective question. I loved the book. But then again, I love Bev. LOVE’EM OR LOSE’EM-Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye Bev Kaye is a beloved colleague and the leading guru on career development practices. In this valuable book, the authors alphabetize this creative guide to building employee loyalty and retention in the free-agent era. Each short chapter covers single uncomplicated strategy, such as respect, information sharing, and listening, that individual managers can use to keep employees.


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