Book Reviews: SHED or You're DEAD & The Five Secrets

SHED or You’re DEAD by Kathy Dempsey Kathy Dempsey has been through more “shedding” in her young life than I could have thought possible. Amazingly, through it all, she’s found wisdom that is deep and true, clever and cunning, playful and provocative. You will find yourself nodding yes, doing the exercises, and then realizing you can do them over and over again at different parts of your life. Don’t let the lizard throw you. He’s a gift of a metaphor and a brand bonus. The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by John Izzo PhD. In his latest book, John Izzo,PhD, unknowingly follows the advice of NSA Founder Cavett Robert. “Learn from OPE-other people’s experience”. Izzo’s quest is to discover the secret to a happy life. Note I said a happy life, not a wealthy life. His “secrets” come from interviews with over 200 people ages 60-106 who have been nominated by friends and acquaintances as someone who has found happiness and meaning. From an aboriginal chief to a CEO, from a town barber to a Holocaust survivor, there’s much food here for the taking.


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