Dangerous Trend-Empathy is Vanishing

A new University of Michigan study has found that empathy among college students is about 40 percent less than three decades ago. According to researchers, young people are less likely to agree with statements like, “I try to understand my friends better by looking at things from their perspective.” While I haven’t read the complete study, I find this information highly disturbing. Researchers have theorized that the rise of social media and the disposable nature of “friends” might have us just tuning out of superficial relationships. However, I think there’s another possibility: video games and reality TV shows that seem to be more about ruthless, intense competition.  Winner takes all. Nail the rest. The “real” people, in many cases are foul-mouthed, cruel abstractions of humanity.  Think Jersey. Think Orange County. Think idiots on parade. Wonder if a reality show that highlighted people at their best rather than at their worst might help.  Or have we slid too far down the rabbit hole of pure self-interest and selfishness to have conversations that matter and connections that REALLY count? Your thoughts? P.S.  If you know a college student (or anyone else) that exhibits these characteristics give them my book "Talk Ain't Cheap-It's Priceless".


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