Female Comics Are Not So Funny

Maybe it was just me. Then again, all the men AND women who gathered in our group to support our colleague, Lola, in her stretch to become the funniest woman in California voiced the same disgust: “What could these females have been thinking?!?!?!?!”  (Or possibly smoking or drinking?) The scene: a comedy club in Burbank, CA. This was the finals for the Funniest Woman in California. The finalists ranged from some 20 year-old wild-haired chick to our colleague, age 81, and in need of a “walking stick”. Trust me—Lola, was ahead of the rest of the pack by at least 40 years. She was also head and shoulders above the pack because of what she did not do! The rest used every vulgarity they could think of, put sex and gestures into even the tiniest thinnest joke and shrieked into a microphone with such intensity, the ten-penny nails must have jumped out of the studs, (Oops… I did add a sexual inference there. Trust me, these females would have picked it up and made it incredibly obscene.) Lola won. Hands down.  But we lost that night. We lost our confidence in a generation that seems intent on destroying every sense of decency and personal integrity.  We lost our real sense of humor. There was nothing funny about their crass “jokes” that were both tasteless and useless. And I felt women lost that night as all but Lola chose to portray themselves as sexual objects with body parts and a fantasy to men. They dealt themselves, and the rest of us women, a fierce blow. No wonder I came home—happy for Lola—but just as sad, discouraged and depressed about what we have become. Please tell me that this is not the kind of humor you want to hear! I trust those of us who felt like leaving are not alone.


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