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Five Days. Five Senses. I am grateful for the sense of TASTE

Getting close now: Day Four in our countdown to the national holiday of Thanksgiving. Where would we be without taste?  Right now, we have begun the preparation on desserts. Umm: the gentle crunch of pecans, and the soft glide of pumpkin. Cranberry relish needs a tad more sugar and perhaps some grated orange rind might add sparkle. Celery has been cleaned and the yogurt dill dip is ready. Turkey is still in brine and the olives (black and green) are already in refrigerated dishes.  We try and do as much as we can the day before. I can already taste my favorite part of the turkey- the golden crunchy  skin. So good. So bad for you.  We’ll roast brussel sprouts, cauliflower and carrots, lightly coating them in olive oil, spices, salt and sprinkle toasted almonds almost on at the end. I might add some Parmesan cheese too.  Yum, I can taste it already. Oh ham—mustn’t forget ham.  Mom’s favorite trick was to cook it with peanut butter. Sounds ghastly but is really quite wonderful. Of course, there will be the sparkling fizz of apple cider for the children and the cool oakey, apricot flavor of a great Chardonnay, Let us not forget the other tastes:  kisses! There’s the sticky sweat of my youngest grandson when he runs in from playing and the cucumber cheek of my teen granddaughter. Husband Bill claims he just tastes like “old man”. I think he tastes like love. So does my sweet sister, my children. And how I miss kissing Mom and tasting the Oil of Olay on her wrinkled cheek. Celebrate taste today. It’s why we’re not out grazing on grass or gnawing on sticks.

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