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From Nothing to Something: Hope in a Flowerpot

Phyllis Amaryllis

As my brother has done every December, the flowerpot arrived. Moss covered the dirt and the accompanying instructions said to put the pot in the sun and water sparingly.

I always follow directions. However, as weeks passed and nothing happened, I began to lose hope. It reminded me how in these very disturbing times, when I see nothing much in a positive way, I too begin to lose hope.

Then, finally, a shoot popped its head from the soil. Now—almost two months later—I have the most amazing amaryllis plant. It’s over two feet in height (three if you count the base of the pot). Right now, I have eight gorgeous red blossoms and another stalk promises at least three more.

Every morning I marvel at this plant. And then I remind myself of the words of the philosopher Howard Zinn “To have hope, one does not need certainty. Only possibility.”

We call her Phyllis Amaryllis. She’s my teacher on these days when it seems my efforts don’t bear fruition. I realize I just must keep “watering” my community and clients with compassion, kindness, and positive energy. What about you?

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