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From Stressed To Blessed

Tara Reinbolt with Burnout to Blessed

They call the millennial generation the burned-out generation for a reason. Why? Most people were taught that if you wanted to be successful you had to work for it. Not only that, society supports this common belief and therefore we’re all just chasing the American dream.

My story is no different. I went to college and then I started my human resources career. My goal from the beginning was to climb the corporate ladder. I was blinded by my ambition and before I knew it my average workweek was 60+ hours. This left zero time for friends, family, or self-care. After years of running this rat race I found out I was pregnant and decided enough was enough. I made the decision to leave my corporate job so that my daughter would actually have a mother.

It took me eight months to finally rediscover myself and revive my relationships. Along the way, I realized that everything happens for a reason. It was then that I found my life’s purpose and that was to help corporate professionals reclaim their happiness by overcoming work burnout.

It was time to find a way to make an impact now that I had a mission to save others from experiencing the same agonizing fate as I did. This led me to the idea to connect influencers in corporate, experts such as Eileen McDargh, and influencers in the coaching world together on one virtual stage.

Most workaholics and corporate professionals have never heard of a life coach and do not seek help from experts like Eileen until they’re at their mental breaking point. My goal is to change that. Instead of going through the motions in life “surviving” why not live a happy and fulfilled life? I’ve discovered that we can start a movement to change how we work and how we live by bringing experts from each area to one stage, The Secrets to Career Success Summit.

This virtual event is for ambitious women ready to achieve their goals, take back control of their time, and FINALLY find work-life fulfillment. By attending this event our goal is for you to walk away with the courage, inspiration, and motivation to pursue your dreams. If you know that you’re meant for more, but you’re not sure what “more” is, this event is for you.

Author Bio

Tara Reinbolt is a Business & Life Coach that specializes in helping women overcome work burnout and learn to take back control of their life. She is the host of The Burnout to Blessed Podcast and helps women rediscover themselves and reclaim their happiness by overcoming burnout and staying out of burnout by finding their God led purpose. Tara is also the creator and host of the The Secret to Career Success Summit. Join Tara and Eileen for The Secret to Career Success Summit starting August 2nd thru August 11th by clicking the following link.

Secrets to Career Success Summit

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