Got Goals? They're as Essential as Milk!

Sad news - too many organizations have no milk. Far too many employees have absolutely no clear-cut idea as to how their work ties into a company's mission and vision. How would you like to show up every day and not have any goals connected with the overall organization? Kinda like being a blind mouse in a maze! According to a survey conducted by Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, CEO of KEYGroup®, almost half of all respondents aren't working toward clear-cut goals. If goal setting is not a priority, employees are left to wonder what they should do next.Sujansky offers these few tips:

  • Share the 'big picture' with employees.

  • Collaborate WITH employees to set goals

  • Delete any busywork that gets in the way

  • Measure productivity (and I add - let EMPLOYEES measure their productivity, not you the leader. There's no energy in having someone else keep score.)

  • Stay in touch and help employees with obstacles that can get in the way of goal attainment.

Let me add one more. Build in celebration 'all along the way' particularly if these are new skill or stretch goals. Remember, you didn't wait for your toddler to walk correctly before you hugged her and gave encouragement. Adults are just big little kids.


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