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Hey Leaders! Forget motivation. Go for inspiration.

Hey Leaders! Forget motivation. Go for inspiration.

The most recent copy of Spirituality & Health Magazine contained a right-on-the-money article by Lance Secretan. I loved it because it spoke to something I am passionate about: Mission Statements that are rich in destiny and potent dreams.  Unfortunately, too many leaders at all different levels of an organization succumb to the blah blah of jargon and Wall Street. They provoke only yawns and no energy. Energy comes from the excitement of living large, of being part of something that matters deeply. People are drawn to organizations of purpose rather than policy. And a leader who can see such destiny is the magnet that keeps great employees. It's the leader who has the courage to speak boldly and with conviction and truth. Martin Luther King never said, "Well, maybe, I have a hunch that..." He compelled people to his work because they too could see larger possibilities and destinies. If you think this is all "blah blah", consider Timberland Boots where their cornerstone is having every employee make a difference in their community. Ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for, CEO Jeffrey Schwartz has a vision to help people do what they do better and to use corporate resources so all employees have lives of personal meaning. Or consider Berrett Koehler, one of the fastest growing small publishing houses in the U.S. Under the guidance of Steve Piersanti, every one knows that that BK is tasked with helping create a world that works for all. Heady stuff. And authors like Meg Wheatley, Bev Kaye, and Ken Blanchard come to them. The publisher pays NO advance. What it does pay is a commitment of devoted help for the authors to make a difference with their words. Now that's inspiring stuff!

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