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Holiday Resiliency Helper: LAUGH!

Now into officially winter and the holiday season, you might have noticed that some folks are - well - grumpy.

Seems like they are stressed over, well, little things. Makes it rather hard to be around. If you are the person people hide from, try taking this season as a challenge to lighten up even if the dinner tables might load you down.

Look for humor—like this sign.

Of course, if you have no dog, you might think it's Uncle Elmer again who has helped himself to too much eggnog.

Or listen to the 5 year old who proclaims she wants to be a German Shepherd. Or the sign in the local restaurant: “Good food takes time to prepare. Yours will be ready in a minute.”

Or—share this Holiday Video of how 13 dogs and one cat would feast this month. Might remind you of other relatives you know!

Don’t forget, if you laugh while drinking milk—it comes out your nose.

Merry Merry… Happy Happy. Blessings Blessing. We’ll be dark until the new year.

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