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How to Turn Autumn into a New Year’s Celebration

Work Life Balance

Autumn is my most favorite time of year. It’s a dramatic shift from the thick green of summer and cloying heat, mosquitoes and puddles of sweat into cool, crisp days, brilliant leaves and harvest.

Perhaps that is why in the Jewish tradition, their New Year (Rosh Hashanah) almost always falls in September or October. It makes perfect sense to me, regardless of your religious background, that the season of Autumn is a better time for the one thing we do on December 31: make resolutions.

First, think about it: by the time a year closes, chances are we are exhausted by all that has transpired. The holidays have pushed us to scramble for everything from gifting, cooking, cleaning, closing out budgets and more.

It makes more sense to me that Autumn is a better time to be reflective, quiet, and take stock of what ARE we harvesting? What seeds were planted earlier and what is now ready to be put on the proverbial table of life? Where do we need to begin to draw inward and begin to hunker down to gather strength for what we might grow in Spring? What intentions (versus resolutions) can be made now while we are not so worn out?

Something to think about.

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