If Employee Attitudes Suck So Will Your Bottom Line

If your organization suffers problems with frequent absenteeism, high turnover, communication issues and teams that can't work together then you will want to consider using an employee attitude survey. This type of survey will question employees on several topics including: the mission of the company, leadership strength and weaknesses, communication issues, attitudes of senior management, customer service, organization adaptability, corporate culture and more. This kind of feedback can be crucial to the growth of any organization as much as any customer survey can. To obtain unbiased results employee attitude surveys must be conducted by an outside organization. Sample questions may include: 1. Are you offered the necessary training to do your job well and to improve skills? 2. Do you feel your job is secure? 3. Does your supervisor meet with you on a regular schedule? 4. Do you understand your benefits package? 5. Is favoritism a problem in your department? 6. Are you given enough authority to handle most customer issues when necessary? I would be happy to discuss the topic of employee attitude surveys with you and answer any questions you may have if you call me at 949-496-8640!


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