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If Tomorrow Never Comes

Machu Picu

We’re rapidly approaching the last leg of 2016. You might be jumping to reach quotas, spinning furiously to complete projects, and reading emails until the wee hours of the night. Question: what will you REALLY have accomplished if tomorrow never comes? Resiliency isn’t about gritting it out for the next round as much as it is about showing up for THIS round.

This is not a question about dying. It’s a matter about living.  I wrote the following poem as a reminder for me. In fact, I made it into a bookmark and had a number of them printed. Like too many things, I promptly put it in a file drawer and forgot it.

The Universe decided I needed to find it again.  Might also be true for you.


By Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Today is now upon us.

Today is all we’ve got.

This minute holds eternity, but oh our minds are fraught

With thoughts of what we should’ve done, mistakes of yesterday

Recalling wrongs, reliving deeds and words that went astray.

Or else we go through motions while our thoughts zoom far ahead

Of things to do, of meetings hence, of possibilities we dread.

We eat our food in hurry. We kiss our loves in haste.

We blink at dawn. We glance at moon.

There is NO time to waste.

Our calendar is crammed with future things we HAVE to do.

We make our list; we see its length.

Our day is never through.

And when each year is over, we dismay at all that’s passed.

We shake our head and wonder,

“How did time go by so fast?”

We cannot slow the march of time and yet—there is this plan:

If we would live in present NOW, we’d find a peace a hand.

Be present, fully present in each action that we do.

Stay mindful, fully mindful of the life around us too.

Let the future be the visions but THIS MOMENT counts and how!

Eternity is in it.

May we learn to live in NOW.

If you’d like a bookmark, let me know, ASAP.  NOW!  Email me at  I have exactly three left. If there is enough interest, we can reprint, laminate and sell!

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