It's All About The Energy: My Newest Speech

There is no topic more fascinating than that of energy.  It's our life force and the source of all our relationships at home and at work.  I was recently inspired to create a new speech on the topic called:

The Energy Connection - How to get it, grow it, and stop giving it away.

This speech was created for organizations who want these results:

  • To develop great leaders who will propel vision and productivity

  • Create organizational and personal life balance practices that enhance work-life engagement.

  • Key in on change management strategies that will create resilience during challenging times

  • Engage the heart and mind to do good and great work

  • Walk away with more connection, conviction, courage and commitment AND have fun in the process.

  • Develop communication skills to connect with your key stakeholders.

  • Increase the most important commodity within your organization-engaged talent

I'll come in and hold a conversation with the audience that sparks action and stimulates connections even if previous speakers have left them feeling flat.

I always include extensive research, humorous stories, interactive style, and inspirational insights that  touch people at many levels. If your organization lacks great leaders, masterful change agents, brilliant communicators and jazzed employees then bring me in to speak on The Energy Connection.  There is no better time to energize your work force to increase the bottom line when the economy is struggling.  Call my office at 949-496-8640 to discuss how The Energy Connection can make a difference in your organization.


The Energizer:

Resilient Insights for Work & Life

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