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Keep Your Fingers Crossed! I Might Have Found My Retreat Center

Mary & Joseph Center in Palos Verdes
Mary & Joseph Center in Palos Verdes

For 21 years, I have gone away for a silent retreat to a beautiful old home on the property of Casa De Maria in the tiny town of Montecito. I’d hike four miles up to the ridge line of the Santa Ynez Mountains. I’d sit at my bedroom desk and write and read. In fact, two of my books were started or completed on retreat. I live in the world of speaking and coaching so finding personal silence has been critical.

I was scheduled to be there on January 10, 2018. Tragically, a devastating mudslide tore down the mountain on January 9, destroying 100 homes, and killing 23 people. To date, Casa De Maria remains closed.

The two subsequent years, I tried to find another place. Alas, nothing quite fit my needs. COVID hit and everyone went on self-imposed retreat. Finally, this year, January 3-6, I’ll try the Mary & Joseph Center in Palos Verdes.

Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, may I invite all my dear readers to consider carving out some quiet space. Ditch the cell phones and laptop. Just be. Just listen.

Until later…

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