Leaders And Employees Perception Disconnect

According to Bob Schwieterman, Vice President & General Manager of TRACOM Group, surveyed managers had a different view of their own abilities and strengths as opposed to what was reported by their employees. TRACOM surveyed 337 managers and 377 staff employees. What they discovered is that a bit more than half of the managers believed "effective communication" was one of their strengths. 78 percent of staff and 85 percent of executives disagreed. They felt that communication skills were lacking in management. More than half the managers surveyed did not promote someone due to poor interpersonal skills and 85 percent of executives saw executive level leaders fail due to their lack of interpersonal skills. What does this all mean? It means that leaders should not rely on their own assumptions to determine how they interact with employees and other leaders. They need to ask for feedback and get coaching or counseling to gain better interpersonal skills. To learn more about TRACOM Group visit http://www.tracomcorp.com/


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