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Look for the Funny - A Resiliency Clue

Looking for something funny with spices

A wise person once said, “If you don’t have a sense of humor—you have no sense!” Judging from the dour faces in Congress, I think the pundit is right. But we don’t have to mirror the snarls and growls that haunt Washington, D.C. That’s probably why so many people have been drawn to the parodies found on late night talk shows.

However, life has its own way of presenting resiliency tests without looking to politicians. Work challenges, life challenges, opportunities that demand our energy—you name it. That’s why I so firmly believe that presilience™ (proactive resilience) is a daily life skill. One of those skills is laugh-ability.

Start looking for anything that nudges your funny bone, takes you by humorous surprise, or gets you caught up in some comedic internal conversation—like the mystery of the spice drawer.

Think about it: all the spices have screw top lids or plastic pour spouts. Use the spice, close the lid and put it away. Then how the heck do you open a drawer and find granules of various spices scattered throughout?

My theory: they come alive at midnight and dance. Haven’t figured out what magical hand unscrews the lids but I can hear the dialogue:

“Mrs. Dash, wanna tarragon with me?”

“Hey, I’ve got the chives. They itch! Say Meg, you’re a nut—how about scratching my label?”

“Umm, Sage you’re a wise guy. Let’s leave bay and go cinnamoning!”

“I love to tango with Ginger. And how about Lawry: he’s so allspice!”

“O-Regano, you dance a fabulous paprika.”

"Yo—watch it guys. It’s thyme. Screw back lids. Assume standing position. Dance is over.”

Hope you got the chuckle out of reading this. Now—send me YOUR funny observations.

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