Meeting Trends Move Markets in Tough Times

Meeting Planners International (MPI) commissioned the largest and longest running annual survey of corporate sales and marketing executives to determine trends in 2009.  Despite the anti-meeting backlash that started with the AIG meeting at the Montage, senior sales and marketing executives in North America report the following

  1. Fifty-three percent of respondents chose event marketing as the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships with target audiences.

  2. Twenty six percent of the respondents chose event marketing as the marketing discipline that drives the greatest ROI.

  3. Sixty-six percent plan on implanting or have already implemented green initiatives within the event function. How to interpret this data?

  4. Face-to-face meetings remain the best way to get close to customers and employees. In touch times, relationship-strengthening is what must serve as the cornerstone for building back when the economy turns around

  5. ROI remains an elusive commodity, in my opinion.   It’s one thing to be able to track new sales or increased orders when one sells a physical product.  But it seems almost impossible to measure the “feel good” component of building relationships.  It’s rather like asking a parent to put a number value on spending time with his child. The results might not be felt for some time.  But should you NOT spend time because there is no immediate numerical value?  I believe not. Some thing to consider.


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