Memorial Day Salute to the Forgotten

My Mom was a WWII Women's Air Force Service Pilots--known as the WASP. She and 1075 of her flying sisters flew over 60 million air miles of domestic wartime duty, freeing male pilots to fly combat missions in the European and Pacific. Thirty eight of them died in this duty but because they were not considered official "Military"-- despite going through all the Air Force cadet requirements -- they received no benefits and no recognition. Disbanded shortly before the war was over, women were not allowed back in the cockpits of military planes until the late 70s. Today, when Major Nicole Malachowski climbs into her seat and takes off with the USAF Blue Angels, she flies with Mom on her shoulder. In fact, thanks to Major Nicole Malachowski and Senator Kay Hutchinson from Texas, it looks like there's a good chance that these unsung female pilots will finally get recognized with the Congressional Gold Medal. At age 93, it is my fervent hope that Mom is alive to witness this event


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