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Millennials—Are They Lazy Or—Maybe Smarter?

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The standard belief for those of us outside this age bracket is that if you work hard, it will pay off. Hard is define as long hours, multiple assignments, off-the-charts demonstration of productivity and profit. And with the push to return to the office, “hard” is also defined as allegiance to what senior managers want.

However, in a recent Australian 60 Minutes segment, many millennials are having none of this. For good reason. It seems that the standard 40-hour week has gone to 60 hours and more. The promise of a “payoff” is mirrored by the cost to one’s family, health, AND happiness.

Millennials Want Well-rounded Life

In this segment, it’s clear that millennials want a life that is well-rounded (I refuse to use the word “balance” as I believe that’s a misnomer). I think they are on to something.

Rather than face time, I’ve always thought that results mattered. Giving employees clearly defined outcomes and reasonable goals makes more sense than a place or a space. Micro-management is out and autonomy, appreciation, and achievement are in.

Millennials' Work is Vocation-based

While there are those management gurus who disagree (watch the segment highlighted above), I was fascinated by the sentiment expressed by Scott Farquhar, CEO of the software firm Atlassian. He shows up at the office about once every three months. “Their work is a vocation but not a location.”

As we come off a Labor Day holiday here in the United States, it seems like a good thought to ponder.

Your thoughts?

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