Leaders Take Heed: Children Are the Real Victims of Economic Disasters.

Imagine being 10 years old and sleeping in a different place every night because your Mom can’t find enough work to pay the rent. Imagine watching your parents arguing over whether to put food on the table or buy meds for Dad’s heart condition. Anxiety. Insecurity. And fear. In my state of California, the spineless leaders in our legislature cobbled together propositions which would have bought time but still not a real answer to a huge budget deficit. Cuts will be born on the backs of children, the elderly, and the disabled. Patently unfair.  But then again, these are groups that have no financial lobbying clout. It’s time everyone bellied up to the proverbial bar and put reality on the table.  Everyone will have to pay to play – and some of our high roller players will need to give up their toys and tax breaks. Memorial Day recognized courage. I wonder if the State of California and my fellow citizens have any?


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