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No Fooling-5 Quick Ways to a Saner YOU!

No Fooling-5 Quick Ways to a Saner YOU!

First quarter is over. Celebrating? Agonizing? Feeling stuck with little movement? If it’s the latter, getting control over our physical environment goes a long way to getting unstuck. Garbage out lets room for gain in!

  1. Allocate 15 minutes (or more) to go through old files and toss or shred what you don’t need, won’t look at, and can’t even remember why you have it!  My faithful assistant Bonnie created a file list as I called out what I was keeping and put in numerical files. Through the search function in Word, I will be able to locate documents when I need them. Opened up one entire file drawer!!!! (and was fascinating to see what was once valuable as well as what still had value but I had forgotten about it).

  2. Create a donation box and go through drawers to give away the bottom third—chances are you haven’t worn those items in years!

  3. Erase electronics. I know you are like me and there are gadgets, gizmos, chargers, cables, you name it—that you don’t use, won’t use, and have no idea what gadget it goes to. We can take our electronics to Radio Shack for destroying or to our City Hall. (Batteries are separate).

  4. Sell or save?  Some items I just don’t want to throw out. But I have no time to sell.  Of course, the flamenco dolls my Dad brought back from Europe after WWII might require effort on my part but…

  5. Weight - don’t wait.  Have your entire family weigh in.  Then give everyone a bag and they have 10 minutes to round up “stuff” they will never use that can go in the donation box.  The person who now weighs the most—holding his collection bag-- gets to choose tonight’s movie, or pizza, or the super-duper ice cream scoop. But the prize has to be consumable.

Cleaning your space can clean your mind. Try it!  Promise. No fooling

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