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Promote Resilience With Adaptability Skills

Security rests in adaptability. Our current uncertain times can either freeze us from action, or create a space where we strengthen our ability to adapt. Remember, survival is based on "requisite variety".

That's a fancy biological term that basically means the organism that has the greatest number of responses to a situation has the greater chance of surviving. Watts Wacker, a noted futurist, offers things we can do to gain more options for ourselves:

  • Learn to be a better listener. You don't learn when you are talking.

  • Read a trade magazine from a different industry.

  • Find two things in every issue that relate to your business.

  • Let your kids tutor you in a subject they know more about than you do.

  • Volunteer, and see the world through a different window.

  • Read what has stood the test of time.

  • Read Aristotle, Shakespeare, Adam Smith.

  • Reading the great books helps frame your thinking.

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