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Resilience Goes Down - Not Out

At a recent virtual meeting where I was one of three panelists, innovation expert and author of Invisible Solutions, Stephen Shapiro, challenged my notion. I suggested that the crazy world crafted by this pandemic might require us to pivot, to move out in other directions. Seemed logical since adaptability is a key to resilience.

“Don’t pivot”, Stephen insisted, “divot”.

I’m a horrid golfer. I’ve sent clods of earth called divots further than the golf ball. So the notion of going down into the proverbial ground made no sense to me.

Until Stephen explained.

“When we pivot, we move from what we know, what we offer in our work, and what clients and customers we serve. We might look for the next bright, shiny object. We move outwards instead of going deeper with our offering. Building longer term relationships and strengthening our body of knowledge makes more sense than changing course—unless our work is headed toward oblivion with new technology.”

NOW I understood. It makes great sense from both a business and a relationship standpoint. In fact, I just signed up for a 36-hour intensive course on Interpersonal Neurobiology. I will be adding coaching/training modules that are critical to moving from burnout to breakthrough and building resilience. The training: Discover Your WHY.

I will, however, insist that there is one core piece to keep in mind. If you still decide to pivot, remember to remain planted in what must never change: your values.

OK. I’m off to practice my divots.

PS: Beyond a blog post!!!! Let me create a virtual resilience presentation for you and your team. We can do a live virtual session or I can craft a pre-recorded session—customized to your audience!!! Time for all of us to refuel, recharge and reclaim what matters. We can play bigger in a world of possibilities for world of difference. Contact me to discuss at

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