Resiliency Lessons from Super Bowl 2017

By the time you read this, the Super Bowl is over. The ads are a distant memory. And Tom Brady is forever installed as the greatest quarterback in history. However, we would miss great resiliency lessons if we did not stop and take this event off the gridiron and put it straight into our professional and personal lives. You don’t need to throw a killer pass to create positive movement down the field of work and life.

Consider these observations.

Redemption is always possible. I make no judgment on what seems to be the inordinate power wielded by NFL Commissioner. Done is done. The point is that we move on. One can rail about differences of opinion, the feelings of injustice, but at the end of the day, the actions of TODAY are what matter the most. To be stuck in a negative spiral of recrimination and hurt does no one any good. Brady and his team just moved on.

Resiliency requires trust and the support of others. Whether you are in a management position, standing on an assembly line or trying to organize your neighborhood, no one will follow you unless they believe “we are a unit - a family”. If you have not built up the support of those around you, don’t expect them to rally when you need them. If it is only about your gain, you will never win.

Have a purpose greater than yourself. I can’t speak for all the Patriot players but Brady wanted that game for his mother who is undergoing cancer treatment. If you watched the way he hugged the older woman wearing a head scarf to cover a bald head, you realized the emotion contained on that playing field. The WHY behind our actions fuels the amount of energy we can expend. The greater the WHY, the greater the energy.

What matters is not how often you get knocked down. What matters is that you get up. Bruised. Battered. Sore. Breathe. Be still. and then rise again. Ask for a hand. But you can begin again. Falcon and Patriot.


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