“Resilient Dynamism” Theme for World Economic Forum

At Davos, Switzerland , the scene for this international summit, Klaus Schwab, executive chairman and founder of the Forum describes the theme of RESILIENT DYNAMISM as “the ability to respond to the many global risks we currently face and to seize the opportunities it provides.” Fascinating: in the face of risks, seize opportunities. Before one can seize them, one must be on the lookout for them. Paying attention with your eyes wide open is a critical factor in discovering and uncovering what gold lies beneath the surface. I am keynoting a conference next month for administrators of community colleges. The educational systems nationwide have been hit hard with the economic downturn. Voter approval of tax increases is but a stop-gap measure. It is time for groups like this (and others) to look beneath the obvious. It is time to stop thinking “phew-we can get things back to normal.” “Normal” and “back” are words that belong with the dinosaurs. Instead, the questions now could be: who needs out services that we never thought of? Where can we create strategic alliances from what we “thought” were competitors? How do we tap into our customer base (in this case students) and ask them to help us create the future. Government, healthcare, education (as well as many companies) are all pretty hide-bound institutions. But it does not have to be that way. Like the conversation in Davos, maybe we might all put on wide-range glasses and ask ourselves: What is the opportunity that we have been given? That’s resilient dynamism.


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