Sometimes, You Just Gotta Laugh

Walking out of Costco last month, I did a double take. There, lined up with the larger items like floor coverings and counter tops were caskets. CASKETS!?!? Wait! Let me play this through in my mind. Costco is known for quantity. So, is this buy-two-get-one free? How many caskets does one need at one time? What do you actually do with your casket? How does it fit in the economical Prius? Or maybe only the Expedition owners can purchase them Whatever do you do with it when you get it home? I fantasized dozens of beers chilling in this huge metal box with satin lid insert. Or how about an extra bed for when one-too-many overnight guests appear? Maybe it could be a pond for water lilies or a watering trough for your Great Dane. You know, the four legged one. Not only quantity is an issue but what about size? Does one size fit all? What about me? I'm short. Maybe you'd just refrigerate me until another stiff comes along to use the extra space. Gives new meaning to the lay-away plan. Makes you kinda wonder who does the buying for Costco? I doubt it's the funeral directors of America. You just gotta laugh.


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