Starbucks Spells

What do cambist, lyceum, and antediluvian have in common? If you're like me, you might recognize two of the three words and there's NOTHING they have in common. Unless, that is, you're sitting in Starbucks on a Saturday morning. They're words from a spelling bee, printed on flash cards as part of a very clever promotion for a just-released movie, Akeelah and the Bee. I love it--latte and language, expresso and expression, frappuccino and rapperino. OK, I made up the last word but at least you get my drift. In a world that seems to have reverted to grunts, gestures and obscenities, maybe some folks can get an education, thanks to Starbucks! Reminds me of Brandon and Steve, two third graders who use to stop by my office while they waited for the school bus. They asked me to teach them bad words so they could get back at the kids on the bus. "Hey, kids--why bad words? They're so classless. So ordinary. Let me give you big words that you can say with attitude. Bet they won't know what you're saying and YOU will be the ones in charge!" They loved the idea. Bellicose, pugnacious, imbecile, and pterodactyl became terms they threw out at their tormentors. And the tormenting stopped. Fun, um? Off to bank to meet with my cambist.


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