Swimming Across: A Memoir

Swimming Across: A Memoir by Andrew S. Grove is an engrossing and thoroughly entertaining story of the life of one of the founders of Intel. It is simply written, and I would recommend it to teenagers as well as adults. Andy tells how he grew up in pre-revolutionary Hungary, lived through the Russian communist takeover and how everything in his life changed for the worse little by little. He finally had to escape on foot at night across the border to Austria, then on to America, as a young man of 18 years old, leaving his family and friends behind. The story is lovely, about a wonderful culture, his love of family and education, and how he survived, learned English, went to City College in New York on a scholarship paid for by an immigrant relief organization in America and ended up in the very unlikely position of CEO of Intel, and Time’s cover story Man of the Year in 1997. An inspirational autobiography. Reviewed by Judy Hagar.


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