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The Great Resignation or the Great Revelation?

Guy Resigning from His Job

I just typed “great resignation” into Google search and over three million potential matches appeared. You see “help wanted” ads and signs in many locations, particularly hospitality and leisure. You read about all manner of inducements from scheduling flexibility, health and wellness programs, ability to work remotely, gym memberships, and more.

While bemoaning the absence of a beefed-up work force and blaming unemployment assistance as the reason, there’s a huge opportunity to critically reconsider the entire world of work and the various nuances of engagement. In short, salary alone is not the answer.

Case in point. When talking with a waiter at a restaurant in California, he acknowledged the shortage of staff. He then added, “It’s not salary. It’s the inability to find affordable housing.“

Housing is outrageous here in California—but also around the country. I have read no reports that share with leaders that the issue is far bigger than income, childcare (which is huge) and perks. This revelation underscores the need for business and community leaders to address a problem that impacts many.

One other revelation. According to The Mind at Work study by Potential Project, employees with high resiliency have 21% higher job satisfaction and 31% lower turnover. Data was captured via Mindgrow, a diagnostic tool developed with academic research partners from Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Rotman School and Management and University of CA Berkeley.

So, while we tackle the challenge of housing, let’s learn how to help employees manage workplace and home stressors by cultivating their resilience muscle. It can be done!


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