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The Resilient Investor - It’s More than Wall Street

If investing is only about money in the bank or in Wall Street, you are short-changing yourself about building a better life and a better world. That’s the premise behind THE RESILIENT INVESTOR, a provocative book that maps out investment choices for all your assets— assets that are much more than ownership of “things” and the balance in a bank or fund.

The authors, Hal Brill, Michael Kramer and Christopher Peck, are managing partners of Natural Investment, a B Corporation that specialize in sustainable, responsible investment. Their Resilient Investment Map (RIM) explores three strategies: Close to Home, Sustainable Global Economy and Evolutionary. Each strategy also explores thee asset types: Personal/Social, Tangible, and Financial.

For example, the Close to Home strategy invites you to explore first your personal and social goals. Think about it. Thoreau said it first, “The first wealth is health”.  How are you investing—i.e. spending time and potentially money—to care for your body, mind and spirit?  What are the choices you make for your community, your relationships?

Tangible goals that are close to home look at your home, the local infrastructure, energy systems, and local shopping.  It’s not only the “stuff” you own or have access to, but might you consider “investing” in a shared economy, buying from local co-ops, encouraging wise use of water and land so as to create a healthy ecosystem.

Close to Home financial strategies involve investing in a local bank, a credit union, or investment clubs.

While this might sound simplistic, THE RESILIENT INVESTOR also explores four potential global scenarios and how one moves into the future with a willingness to expect change and ambiguity.

There’s much here to chew on. It’s an easy read but the concept deserve your brainpower.

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