The Resilient Space Shuttle Endeavor Flies Over My Sister

From my sister Susan: We gathered at our neighbors hillside home overlooking Universal for 2 hours today waiting for the Space Shuttle Endeavor to make its' farewell fly-over before being grounded at our Aerospace Museum. It was a festive gathering of anticipation. The roadsides along Mulholland Drive in all directions were packed with folks in cars, foot and bikes waiting to see this. Every so often someone would check in with the TV coverage and shout out "It's just gone over the Golden Gate!" "It's just over Malibu!" Finally we heard a roar of engines and looked behind us, away from the valley, and there it was--a spectacular sight! It looped around over downtown and came right up over the valley and over the Universal Tour directly in front with us. Everyone was shouting, whooping and snapping away. Truly an amazing and respectful end to a half century(!) of manned space flight. President Kennedy envisioned this and thousands of gifted folks made it happen and had the courage to get into these fiery rockets to explore Space. It is sad that this is now over. I kept thinking how much Mom (our WWII Women’s Air Force Service Pilot) would have loved to have seen this. I can just picture her. She would be standing almost at attention with her hands to her face and tears--tears of pride, tears of longing to have been able to have been part of that generation of aviators, tears of a grateful citizen. It was wonderful.


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