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Three Key Choices for a Resilient Year

(1) Aging is inevitable. Being old is optional.  Which do you choose?

Until Mom’s mind started to weaken, she was always interested in people, places, and yes—even politics. Curiosity beats complacency every time.  What will you explore this new year?

(2) Change is inevitable. Progress is optional. Which do you choose?

Looking at work, life, and events through the same lens of yesterday defeats real opportunities today.  Regardless of what you encounter in 2014, how can you reframe it so that you move forward?

(3) Dying is inevitable. Living is optional. Which do you choose?

Perhaps you have friends who constantly complain about health, finances, family members, or working conditions. Do you know people who seem to have stale souls, drained of enthusiasm and energy?  Could that be you?   What will bring you alive in 2014? What makes your spirit sing? These are my questions for myself as I settle down to vision my 2014. What are your thoughts?

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