Time Leadership—a small book with quick input.

I love the notion of TIME LEADERSHIP. It implies that we actually take control of our day—letting us LEAD our lives in a direction we chose rather than just managing what other people have added to our busy schedules. Jim Estill certainly has demonstrated an almost obsessive interest in time management and he does have impressive results to back it up. Starting a business from the trunk of his car, Estill grew his company, EMJ Data Systems, into one of the top companies in Canada with 300 employees and some $350 million in sales. In 2004, he sold EMJ to SYNNEX and became its CEO. What Estill has done is to condense the work of many people into a tiny, usable book. Sadly, he charts no new territory here, but rather quotes from colleagues like Mary Lo Verde and Brian Tracy. That is one drawback. I was hoping for something unique, fresh, and brilliant. Yes—nothing new. Having said that, I also am acutely aware that as much as I KNOW all these time management principles, I don’t DO all these actions. So Jim, thanks for the kick in the seat of the pants. I’ll return the favor and ask you to come up an original Estill’s Exercise that puts a new tool in our time management toolbox


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