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Tough Talk Turns Talent into Treasure

Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Dr. Marcia Reynolds

No one like a “difficult” conversation. We become uncomfortable, concerned, and frankly, would rather avoid them at all cost. However, it is a dereliction of duty when a manager allows someone to stumble without giving the person a chance for honest communication and feedback.

This is where Dr. Marcia Reynolds and her wonderful hot-of-the-press book come on.  The Discomfort Zone helps leaders turn difficult conversations into breakthroughs.  Marcia should know. She has over 30 years working with global corporations in executive coaching and leadership training. She is a past global president of the International Coach Federation and teaches leadership coaching and emotional intelligence classes worldwide. She is the author of 2 other books, Wander Woman and Outsmart Your Brain . Plus, Marcia is a regular blogger for Psychology Today.

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