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Typing Errors Turn Meaning into Mystery

Typing Errors Turn Meaning into Mystery

I have a confession to make: I never learned to type. Who would have known that in today’s keyboard literate world, I am functionally illiterate.  It’s pretty pathetic when a 6-year-old watches me peck away with three fingers and gasps, “You don’t know how to type!!”

To make matters worse, my little guy goes to the keyboard, opens up a browser and takes me on a site with an animated Scottish goat as a professor who is teaching children how to type! Sadly, I lost the link and it’s possible someone got the goat.

Spell check doesn’t help either as many of my words aren’t spelled wrong. But they are patently incorrect. Amazing what a difference one letter can make:

Astray: ashtray

Live:  love

Now:  new

Precious: previous

House:  hose

Not: nit

You get the idea. It actually can create some very funny sentences but also some very, ummm, inappropriate lines.

Now you know one of my many faults. Because I believe honesty is the best policy, please let me know if you receive a rather strange missive. Allow me to correct it. It would be best (nest, rest, test, etc.) if I did!

Hope you enjoy this clog.

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